The Inflora Showflat

The Inflora showflat shows some typical layouts. It also shows the 2 color schemes available – the warm color scheme which has a more traditional hotel-style ambience, and a cool contemporary color scheme. You can choose either one, but it is a package deal, no mixing allowed.


Inflora Showflat One Bedroom Living

One Bedroom Living Room

The Inflora Condo Showflat One Bedroom Living

One Bedroom Living Lounge

The Inflora Showflat One Bedroom Kitchenette

One Bedroom Kitchenette

Inflora Showflat :: One Bedroom Bathroom

One Bedroom Bathroom

Inflora Condo Showflat :: 2 Bedroom Living :: Cool Colour Scheme

2 Bedroom Living

Showflat for Inflora :: 2 Bedroom Kitchen

2 Bedroom Kitchen

Showflat for The Inflora Condo :: 3 Bedroom

3 Bedroom Living

Showflat for Inflora Condo :: 3 Bedroom Room

3 Bedroom Room

The Inflora Showflat :: 3 Bedroom Kitchen

3 Bedroom Kitchen


The Inflora Condo Showflat :: Highlights

  1. The one and 2 bedroom units feature the cool colour scheme.
  2. The 3 bedroom unit features the warm colour scheme.
  3. Compressed marble flooring for living / dining areas.
  4. Solid timber flooring for bedrooms.
  5. All kitchen appliances are provided including fridge, washer/dryer, tallboy with pull-out trays.

Interior designer for the showflat is Index Design Pte Ltd.


Please see the Inflora floor plans or prices for other details on this project.



Simply email us here to arrange a showflat viewing.

Update: The Inflora is completely sold out. Thank you for visiting.

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